De cluttering

The Home Staging Company will help you to de clutter those rooms that are bursting at the seams. We will help you carefully box up family treasures and character pieces until its time to give them a new home.

Colour Consultation

If colour changes are required, we can assist you in choosing the right shades for your home, to coordinate with your furniture and home accent pieces.

With a firm knowledge of colour psychology, The Home Staging Company selects the correct combination to create the most comfortable and relaxed mood for home shopping.

Home Consultation & Report

Our home consultation will typically take two or three hours. A detailed report will be made at this time to advise you of recommended changes to be made. This will assists us in determining how to showcase your home to its best sales potential.

Open House Preparation

The Home Staging Company will help you to have your home looking it's very best for your open house, we will help you to ensure every room is dressed to impress. If required we will return on the day to complete the finishing touches to your home.

Personal Shopping Services

If help is required to accent your home, The Home Staging Company will shop for you to help you achieve a new and exciting look whatever your budget.


The art of showcasing a home always includes the use of a few cleverly placed accessories, be it a chair in the corner of the room with a cozy throw and some pretty cushions or decorative branches or artwork.

These elements will work wonders in bringing your room together.

Creating Curb Appeal

Create a welcoming and lasting impression. Show off your Decking and Patio areas with outdoor furniture and accents to create that all important outdoor living space.

We will assist you to maximise your home's curb appeal by tidying up the front of your home and showcasing with pretty flowers and shrubs. Curb appeal is your ultimate first impression, if a home buyer doesn't like the look of your home from the exterior ~ its possible that they may just keep driving. Don't lose out on a potential sale.

Furniture Placement

We will assist you with furniture placement ensuring that your space is maximized and that each room flows with ease through to the next. Placing the right chair in the right place, the right painting on the right wall, should "invite" a buy to enter a room, explore and fall in love with the space.


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